fly-in safaris

Step straight aboard your personal aircraft at your first point of arrival in South Africa, be it Johannesburg, Cape Town or any other centre. From this moment on we take care of you and all your travel arrangements. Aircraft and pilot remain with you Fly-In throughout the safari, taking you from lodge to lodge at your convenience.

You travel in twin-engine comfort avoiding detours, check-in times, and luggage loss. We take you straight to the bush airfield closest to your destination. En route, we shield you from travel strain by taking care of border formalities, transfers, documentation, and sundry travel irritations. At your destination, you are ensured of optimal room allocation, guiding and activities.

Time Saving

Your time in Africa is precious. Save on check-in times, passport queues, baggage hold ups – simply walk on board with us.

Direct Routing

Our aircrafts fly direct. Our Camp-to-camp flights take the shortest route.


You travel when you choose, an invaluable advantage on safari. The animals you wish to observe don’t follow a schedule – why should you? Set your own pace, linger when you want. If you wish to stay a little longer at a thrilling sighting, a delayed departure is easily accommodated, for the aircraft is yours and yours alone!

Did we mention that your luggage can’t get lost?


Every member of our select pilot team is well qualified to lend support. We secure for you the best accommodation, guides and excursions, augment the guiding, interpret where required, and generally smooth your way.


All our pilots have in excess of 3000 flying hours. In addition to the commercial pilots licence, they have night, instrument and safety pilot ratings; some are instructor qualified.

Last not least, a very sensible consideration

Some of your safari venues are accessible by aircraft only – you will board a light aircraft sometime during your itinerary. When booking a ‘FLY-IN SAFARI’ you have the opportunity of choosing your twin engine aircraft in advance, you can specify your requirements, scrutinize the pilot’s credentials, verify the safety record, and obtain genuine references from persons near you who have travelled in this way.