aircraft & pilots

Our Aircrafts

Enjoy the comfort and ease of your private aeroplane; choose from our fleet of meticulously maintained twin engine piston, turbine and jet aircraft.

Beechcraft Kingair

For executive Safari Travel, the Kingair is unsurpassed. It is a sophisticated turbine aircraft capable of excellent speed, yet designed to land on bush airfields. The Kingair conveys up to 8 passengers in luxury. Being pressurized, it flies at the higher, smoother levels.

Cessna 402

The spacious Cessna 402 seats six passengers with room to spare.

Cessna Conquest II

This is a Twin-Engined, pressurised, turbo-prop aircraft. It’s speed is approximately 520 km per hour. This aircraft operates normally at a height between 25 and 35 000 feet which ensures a smooth flight even in hot summer weather conditions. This aircraft seats 8 passengers very comfortable with enough space for luggage and extras. This aircraft runs on Jet A1 fuel that still readily available all over Africa esp. on the long cross-country trips. This makes this aircraft a very good short-field operating aircraft which is ideal for our safaris.

Our Pilots

Our pilots are highly qualified, all have a minimum of 3000 flying hours to their credit. All are in possession of commercial, night and instrument ratings and are multi-lingual. While their background and outlook differ, they are all drawn to the beauty of the African outdoors and join you on safari because they want to be there too.

Izzy Mok

Started out as a game ranger and, appropriately, earned his commercial wings 40  years ago as a pilot for National Parks in Zimbabwe. His knowledge of wildlife – and flying – grew during a stint as pilot for South African Nature Conservation. A 14000 hour charter pilot, and qualified field guide, Izzy will jump at the chance of a safari flight, which is definitely one of his favourite occupations. He also has many hours of flying instruction to his credit. He has been involved with Cross Country Air Safaris, as pilot/guide, for the past 25 years. In the bush he specialises in trees and birds although mammals is also a huge passion. Izzy is fluent in English, Afrikaans and of course also the Shona, the Zimbabwean language he grew up in.

Silke Schroedter

Silke, is presently the youngest member of our team, but equipped with all the qualifications – and then some! She is a commercial pilot with Night and Instrument Ratings and holds a Grade II Flying Instructor’s Rating. She has in her pocket the theoretical subjects for an ATP licence and will be taking the practical exam as soon as permissible. She converses fluently in English, German and Afrikaans. On the private side, Silke spends whatever free time there is (between flying safaris and charters with her two children), who are very proud of their mother’s still somewhat unusual job. Ask Silke about her favourite flying, and the answer will be, ‘to and in the African bush’.