Okavongo Delta

There is an elephant at the door.

It was Ellen’s idea. And Brigettes arrangements. Aided by E-mail, it culminated with an elephant at the door.

I had better start at the beginning. We, my wife Bev and myself, hadn’t the slightest idea of going to Africa. Let alone on a Safari. Indeed, Africa was not on my list at all (“you can see the same animals in the zoo”). And way down on Bev’s. But her friend Ellen’s enthusiasm was contagious. Plus impeccable arrangements by Brigette Cross made it all happen. Not the elephant at the door but the air Safari to Zimbabwe and Botswana. You see, Brigette lives in Johannesburg and has a company called “Cross Country Air Safaris”. Liberal use of fax and e-mail helped tie the whole thing together between our friends in Los Angeles who were to accompany us, Bev and me in Philadephia, and Brigette in Johannesburg.

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